Daily checkups on how your team is doing

mood, workload and difficulties.

Mooody, our delicate chat cow will send a daily message to your team members on Slack to ask a few simple custom questions.

Her herd will then aggregate the results and will ship your daily report on Slack or via email.

You can always connect to our beautiful dashboard to view trends and history or add notes on a specific events.

Get notified
Cinema Display

Never loose track of how your team is feeling

How do you find the perfect balance between a team efficiency and happiness?
Are your team members enjoying their work or do they endure it?

Detect early any anomaly

or unusual behavior from your teammates so you can address them quickly and efficiently before they become a problem.

Ask for feedback

It may be easier to write them when they happen instead of waiting for the next 1 on 1.

Prepare your 1 on 1

Get a quick overview of your team behavior to better handle 1 on 1 and team meetings.

Additional features

Use our templates or add your own questions, polls or rating.

Receive a daily report for your team directly by Slack or email.

Check your dashboard for trends or all pending ideas and requests.

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“Using moood helps me get a quick grasp of my team and make sure I won't get any surprise resignation.”


— Guillaume Moigneu, Platform.sh

What is a team?

A group of users that share common daily questions and that are combined in our reports and KPIs.

What are the integrations?

Our herd can also fetch all the issues your team has touched on Jira Cloud to include in the reports.

Which chat platform do you support?

Mooody can hop on Slack for now. Microsoft Teams and Gitlab are on our roadmap.

Where is my data hosted?

We host everything in France (Online.net) for privacy purposes. GDPR and EU laws apply.

Still have questions? Tweet @mooody_cow for answers